Membership Categories

We have several categories of Membership that cater to a wide variety of people located within and outside the Portland Metro area. For more information about Membership at the University Club, please contact Membership Director Kristen Kingsbury at [email protected].


A Regular Member is 35 years old and lives and works within a 40 mile radius of the Club.

Regular Special

A Regular Special Member is 34 years old and younger and lives and works within a 40 mile radius of the Club.


A Non-Resident Member lives and works at least 40 miles from the Club.


A Legacy Member is anyone whose child, parent or grandparent was or is a Member of the Club in good standing. To honor that legacy, we offer a significantly reduced initiation fee.

Arts & Education Nonprofit Membership

Our Arts & Education Nonprofit Membership is offered to nonprofit organizations focusing on art or higher education. It allows three designated personnel from the organization full Membership rights for one dues price.

Corporate Membership

A corporate membership is available for companies, businesses and organizations that would like to appoint at least three and up to ten of their personnel as Members.