Our Chef

Executive Chef, Paul Dube

Chef Dube's passion for cooking began when he was young. His family had a rule that the first person home had to start and cook dinner and often times he was the first home. He observed his mom and grandma in the kitchen and began expanding his skills until one day he presented the family with a chicken cordon bleu. He began officially working in the industry while in high school at the local A&W. From there, Chef began expanding his culinary skills in small restaurants like the Bluestone Grill & Tap. He moved to Portland in 2002 and began working as a line cook for the Waverly Country Club. Shortly after, he was offered a seasonal position at the University Club, where he spent the next ten years experimenting and learning, he was eventually promoted to Sous Chef. In 2013, Chef was offered an Executive position at another restaurant. In 2015, after missing Chef Dube, the Club asked him back as the Club's newest Executive Chef. Chef Dube lives in Portland with his wife Kim and his daughter. He says that if he had a different life, he’d definitely be a dog trainer.

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