Arts & Education Nonprofit Membership

Many of our members are engaged with and care deeply about the support of non-profit organizations, particularly those focused on arts and higher education. This is reflected by our unique programs such as our Artist-in-Residence, Author-in-Residence, Piano Bar, Fireside Gallery, Club Classique, and scheduled events including Speaker Series, film groups, and Authors’ Night.

If your organization is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization focusing on arts or higher education, we invite you to consider membership at the University Club. We offer the Arts and Higher Education community a focal point for conversation, performance, outreach, donor relations and development.

  • Membership: What Does it Look Like?

    • Category- Regular Special

      Your Membership allows 3 individuals from your organization to utilize the Club. These three Members have full privileges of UC Membership—dining in all venues, participation in all events, hosting of colleagues and organization-related meetings, and creating Arts and Education opportunities for Members and professional contacts. Designated Members from your organization can use the Club for business or personal purposes.

  • Membership Requirements
      • Organization must be a registered non-profit focused on arts and/or higher education
      • Organization must book a minimum of one private event room each quarter
      • Organization must offer a minimum of two events annually that directly benefit the UC Membership. One of these events must be at the Club. Examples of events include: a performance during dinner in our Main Dining Room, a workshop, a luncheon series, and more!
      • Organization is responsible for monthly bill (both professional & personal)
  • Arts & Education Member Organizations