Goals of Program

The University Club of Portland’s Artist-in-Residence program was established in 2008 to enrich the University Club membership experience and to provide an opportunity to Northwest artists to reach new audiences. Such programs are rare in private clubs across the country. Each year one Board-approved professional Northwest artist establishes a working studio and program in the University Club. Club members have the unique opportunity to enjoy the artist’s work installed at the Club, to engage in enrichment and educational programs with the artist, and to observe the artist at work.

In addition to enriching the membership experience, the Artist-in-Residence program enhances the art collection of the University Club for present members and future generations. Each resident artist is required to donate a work to the permanent collection. The University Club’s collection may include works of painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, mixed media and sculpture. 

Call for Artists

The University Club of Portland will accept applications for the 2017-2018 Residency in early 2017. This year-long program offers a professional studio artist living in Oregon or Southern Washington the opportunity to create in a private studio, offer workshops and lectures, exhibit and sell work, and enjoy complimentary membership in the premier social club in Portland.  Artists in the following fields: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, mixed media.

Benefits to University Club Members

The annual Artist-in-Residence program begins with an artist reception and show in September. A second reception is scheduled during the year of residency, typically near the end of the resident artist’s tenure.  Throughout the year recent works by the artist are on display in the University Club and available for purchase. During the residency the Artist-in-Residence maintains a working studio in the University Club. This affords the University Club membership a singular opportunity to observe the artist at work and, depending on the resident artist’s program, to engage in fee-based classes. Members can also take advantage of scheduled artist lectures, demonstrations, and social events centered on art and art world topics.

Benefits to Artist-in-Residence

Founded in 1898, the University Club of Portland is a unique and extraordinary private social club. The Club’s 650 members include professionals from the public and private sectors, business owners, authors, artists, and leaders in government and education.

The University Club of Portland Artist-in-Residence is chosen for a residency of one year (September-August). Upon acceptance, the program begins with the Artist’s Gala Opening Reception. The Gala Opening is announced formally to all University Club members. The Gala Opening is attended by the artist and the artist’s gallery representative (if applicable). The resident artist receives a complimentary year-long membership in the University Club as well as access to reciprocal clubs worldwide. The artist also receives a complimentary twice-monthly luncheon privilege for two, and an invitation to attend one complimentary University Club-sponsored event for two during the residency period, with food and non-alcoholic beverages included.  A dedicated studio space of approximately 200 square feet is provided to the artist.

The artist’s works for sale are displayed prominently throughout the University Club for the entire year of residency; the artist is free to set appropriate prices and no commission will be taken by the University Club from the sale of those works. The Artist-in-Residence will offer complimentary lectures and/or demonstrations as appropriate to the unique interests of the artist and University Club members and as approved by the Artist-in-Residence committee. Through fee-based classes and lectures, the artist also has access to the large and select audience of the University Club membership. At the conclusion of the residency, the artist will donate a mutually agreed upon piece of work to remain in the permanent collection of the University Club.  This donation will be recommended by the Artist-in-Residence Committee and ultimately approved by the Board.

Selection Process

Residency is open to professional studio artists living in Oregon and southern Washington. Professional artists working in the following fields will be considered for residency:  painting, drawing, photography, printing making, mixed media and sculpture. Selection will be recommended by the Artist-in-Residence Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors, on the basis of portfolio submission, artist statement, and personal presentation. Proximity to Portland is of value as the program requires use of the provided studio. The Artist-in-Residence agrees to offer workshops, demonstrations and lectures as appropriate to membership interests, to honor the residency requirements, and to donate a work at the conclusion of the residency.

Applications/Submission Process

Applications for the 2017-2018 Artist-in-Residence program will be accepted in early 2017. Please check back in early 2017 for exact dates.


All sales of Artist-in-Residence work exhibited at the University Club are commission-free, excepting existing commission agreements with the artist’s representative or gallery. The artist’s works are fully insured while on display at the University Club. Current works by the Artist-in-Residence will be displayed throughout the University Club during the year of residency; these works will be available for sale to members and guests of the University Club. As works are sold they will be replaced by other current works by the Artist-In-Residence. The University Club requests that the artist has a minimum of 10 works available for display and sale at all times.

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